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D-DOS Food Industry Ecuador S.A.

began its operations in 2021


Our VISION is “To be a benchmark in the agro-food development of Ecuador.”


Our MISSION is “To satisfy our customers with high-quality, sustainable, and competitively priced products that create social, economic, and environmental impact.”


We specialize in contract manufacturing, production of private labels, and our own brands, with commercialization in both the local and international markets. We produce products in the categories of cold and hot sauces, industrial jams for baking, and domestic jams, as well as various snack options.

Companies that have trusted D2 Snacks & Foods include: Corporación Favorita, Tiendas Industriales Asociadas TIA, Corporación Superior, Levapan and ABCALSA (Fleischman), Polar Alimentos Ecuador. (please add logos if possible).

We have our own brands in the market: Pinandro, Farm's Best, Citrus, and Crujidos.

“We make food with purpose”



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An entrepreneur and high successfully executive with extensive experience in business management, entrepreneurship, and organizational development. A business coach, entrepreneur, and educator passionate about Ecuador, its people, and its wealth; a strategic leader with a global vision and a strong social sense. He has a background in various industries, with an emphasis on consumer goods in both national and multinational companies.

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An entrepreneur, politician, and social activist, he has developed an executive career with extensive experience in consumer goods. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, he is an expert in one of the most recognized food industries in Ecuador: Holding Tonicorp. A guild leader, he believes in Ecuador, the freedom of enterprise, and economic development through private investment.

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